Clinically approved methods

Our platform promotes and supports well-being, mental resilience, and personal development through clinically proven methods designed in cooperation with experienced psychologists and specialists from all over the country. What is more, it provides a wide range of possibilities for self-development, building inner harmony, and mental state improvement.

Care options via chat

Psychological care

Psychological care at Mindgram is available via chat run by the Clinical Team consisting of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists. It is a space where an employee may anonymously and directly talk with a qualified psychologist.

Employees can talk with specialists, for example about stress, problems at work or at home, sleeplessness, professional burnout or relationship issues. A conversation with a psychologist will help them cope with problems or direct them towards the right path of personal development. The evaluation questionnaire makes it faster and more efficient to select a personal psychologist and guardian, diagnose the source of a crisis, and even identify the direction of in-depth work during psychotherapy.

Apart from a psychologist available via chat, you will also find:



A psychodietitian combines expertise in healthy nutrition, medicine, and psychology. They will assist in recognizing factors that make it difficult to change the permanent approach towards nutrition, as well as causes of these factors. They will help select an appropriate diet and physical activity. They will facilitate the implementation of changes in the lives of people who are struggling with being overweight, underweight or problems with maintaining the weight suitable for their bodies.


Parent and guardian support

The chat with a child and adolescent psychologist offers space for parents and guardians where they can have a conversation on challenges and problems related to the upbringing, health or mental state of their children in their care.

A child and adolescent psychologist will also provide support in matters regarding adolescence or education.


Business mentor

The chat with a business mentor allows users to talk with a trainer experienced not only in coaching, but also management. They support employees of any position, managers included. They help improve or revise employees’ tools. They clear paths of self-development and accompany on the way to achieve goals.


Telephone support line

We strive to make our platform meet the expectations and needs of all employees and companies. That is why we have launched a telephone psychological support line. It can be used by people who do not have access to the platform or do not know how to navigate the Mindgram space. A psychologist will provide advice in a crisis, listen and propose the best, individualized solution.

Podcasts section

This section is almost 100 podcasts from 5 to 15 minutes long for self-practice of mindfulness, relaxation, and emotion management.

Employees may use them anywhere, anytime. Podcasts help in numerous ways, for example to achieve inner peace, cope with stress or motivate oneself to work. By practicing the art of meditation, employees will learn to control own emotions, clear their minds, and relieve the tension.

A routine mindfulness practice will help employees to perform better under pressure and improve multitasking. It will allow to calm the mind, enhance carefulness and concentration, and reduce stress.

Psychological courses will teach your employees to efficiently look for support, control emotions, and take care of their mental well-being. They will help them discover themselves, and their professional and life priorities.


Self-development group workshops

The platform gives your employees unlimited access to dozens of self-development workshops and sessions. The meetings are broadcast live from our studio. Additionally, employees may play them within 7 days after the live transmission in order to watch them at any time (for example on the way to work or during a break).

The scope of the workshops is tailored to employees’ needs and consistently adapted. Building up mental resilience, stress, happiness at work, professional burnout, returning to the office, parentship or healthy lifestyle – these are only a few examples of matters discussed at Mindgram. Employees can enroll in one-hour workshops, and those that are often limited on time can sign up for short, fifteen-minute inspiring meetings on stress management, self-motivation and efficiency.

Workshops allow your employees to learn new skills, develop practical habits, and look for solutions to successfully deal with everyday challenges, become more effective, and be satisfied at work.

The workshops are led by specialists prominent in their fields: doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, personal trainers, coaches, and business mentors. Mindgram specialists have years of experience and willingly share their knowledge; they guide and give practical advice that can be used by employees every day.


Online psychotherapy

At Mindgram we are offering an extra package – online psychotherapy. It gives employees access to a constantly updated base of dozens of specialists with many available appointments, which drastically reduces waiting time.

Psychotherapy at Mindgram is run by certified specialists – highly qualified psychologists with psychotherapist licenses that are supervised by Mindgram psychotherapists. Our specialists selection process is strict and consists of multiple stages to ensure that your employees have efficient, fast and best care.


Your data are always safe

At Mindgram we are particularly focused on the safety of our users: we take all necessary technical precautions that ensure maximum safety and protection, and follow all rules of data processing.

The path to the well-being of your company, step by step


Step 1

Fill in the contact form. We will contact you to talk about the needs of your company and present our offer.


Step 2

After the final decision and signing the contract, a Mindgram representative will go over the milestones of the platform implementation process and the launch date at your company with you. You will receive an onboarding package tailored to your employees’ needs, so the implementation of Mindgram goes smoothly and successfully.


Step 3

After a meeting with the HR department, the employees will receive a welcoming email. After signing up to the platform, they will receive a nonstop access to group workshops, audio recordings in the Podcasts section, and specialist care via chat, as well as psychotherapy if your company decides to provide the employees with this form of service.


Step 4

The last step is an opening meeting for all employees at your company. Mindgram experts will have a presentation on self-development and mental well-being, as well as guide through the features of the platform. Your Mindgram guardian will stay in touch with you at all times.


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