How does Mindgram work?

Mindgram is an innovative, easy-to-use tool that offers psychological support at your fingertips. 

We help employees to deal with stress, burnout, anxiety. In addition, it helps those who want to improve their relationships, communication skills, increase their productivity or improve sleep quality.

Development and therapy coordinators selected individually for each employee


A wide range of group workshops will help employees cope with stress, deal with work problems and offer self-development opportunities


Mindspace: audio recordings containing mindfulness, motivation and concentration trainings as well as relaxation and sleeping techniques


Psychologists available via chat, and 24/7 platform access


Therapeutic and self-development programs created by renowned psychologists, psychotherapists and personal development experts


Mindgram step-by-step


Step 1

Contact us via the contact form available on our website and will send you our offer. After deciding which subscription suits you best, you will sign a letter of intent or a contract. Next, we will send you the onboarding documents.


Step 2

In close cooperation with the employer and the HR department, the Mindgram coordinators will discuss all matters related to the implementation of the platform in your company, and they will set the launching date.


Step 3

After a meeting with the HR department the  employees will receive a welcome email.

After creating an account on the platform, the employees will receive permanent access to group workshops, audio recordings, and psychological care via chat.


Step 4

It’s an opening meeting for the employees joining Mindgram in a given month. Mindgram coordinators will make a brief presentation about personal development and mental well-being in the workplace.

The Mindgram coordinator will be in touch with you throughout the whole process.

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