Do you know that….


1 in 6

employees need psychological support



of employees struggle with a decrease in motivation when working remotely



of employees feel anxious and have difficulty concentrating due to the pandemic


More than 50%

of employees would like to use coaching or psychological services


is a platform where you can improve your mental well-being, learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions, support your body, or build your support system through relationships with people

experienced psychologists and psychotherapists

dozen live group development workshops to choose from every month

proven therapeutic methods

full discretion and data confidentiality

free access for family members

personalized development or therapeutic path

offers a wide range of live group workshops

Group workshops on the platform are led live by renowned experts in psychology, self-development and lifestyle medicine. It’s an opportunity for you to develop habits and learn useful skills such as relaxation techniques in order to sleep better or cope with stress.


means unlimited access to the platform and psychological care via chat

The employee gets unlimited 24/7 access to the platform. Mindgram offers group workshops, audio recordings as well as psychological care via chat.


offers personalized self-development path or psychotherapy program

Therapeutic and self-development programs have been created by renowned psychologists and personal development experts.


MindgramIn order to overcome their difficulties, Mindgram users receive support from therapists through individually selected therapeutic programs for self-use. It is not only psychological help available 7 days a week, but also a tool used for the development of its users. I recommend it for a better life!

Małgorzata Ohme

Psychologist, journalist and a television host

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