Empower Your Team

with All-In-One Mental Care & Well-being Platform



  • Reduce burnout
    of your employees

    take care of their well-being with an on demand care
  • Build a resilient organization
    with a productive and efficient team
  • Improve your business efficiency
    by decreasing turnover, rotation and work absences

Trusted by leading companies

>150 000 employees & their families

A truly holistic 360° well-being platform

Before Mindgram:

  • CEOs are seeing high turnover, increase in sick leaves and high costs, HR are dealing with finding a replacement
  • HR and managers don’t know
    how to support employees
    in mental health crisis
  • Employees are lacking resources
    to enhance their personal
    development skills

After Mindgram:

  • Employees are happier at work, anytime they have a problem they can send a message to a specialist 24/7
  • Leaders can undergo training which allows them to detect early symptoms of mental health problems
  • Employees now have available tools to improve their skills, as well as set professional and personal goals

A tool to assess and track well-being levels in your company and guide an individual through their own well-being journey

To avoid mental health decline and burnout with self-care & self development programs, workshops & podcasts

Early intervention
Access to a 24/7 personalized clinical support via chat for your employees

Advanced support
Consultations with psychotherapists & coaches to treat and support the development of emotional and cognitive competencies


difference & impact


qualified well-being specialists

clinically proven methods and science-based approach

150 000+

employees with access

from organizations with 20 to 8000 employees


engagement rate

of the platform users


enterprise clients

e.g. Pfizer, Dentsu, Carlsberg, Orange

96% customer renewal rate

Preventive mental health care

with life-changing results


Employees who receive high-quality mental health care are more effective and satisfied at work.

When employees feel better, a company benefits through:

  • higher productivity
  • lower absenteeism
  • decreased turnover
  • reduced presenteism

Mindgram combines traditional clinics, online psychology platforms, well-being programs and EAP into one comprehensive solution.

Employee well-being

is a new business metric

Source: the ROI in Workplace Mental Health Programs: Good for People Good for Business, Deloitte.

Mindgram helps organizations increase business efficiency and optimize costs as well as employees achieve their personal goals by providing access to mental health and well-being solutions

Source: the ROI in Workplace Mental Health Programs: Good for People Good for Business, Deloitte.

Organization support at all levels

  • education on mental health and well-being
  • close cooperation with HR departments
  • individual support for leaders and employees

Why do our clients choose Mindgram

At Healthy Poke we have always been promoters of healthy habits, eating in a balanced way and having adequate physical activity. Thanks to Mindgram we have managed to incorporate that 3rd fundamental column which is mental and emotional well-being. We are delighted with this initiative

True well-being is balancing mental and physical health, knowing your needs and knowing how to meet them. It sounds simple, but it is one of the biggest challenges, especially now in such uncertain times. Every day we face different challenges, and our needs are constantly changing.

Mindgram supports the mental well-being of our employees. It is also a great tool for working on soft skills and personal development.

I believe that the sustainability of a company must go hand in hand with the personal development and well-being of its team members. With Mindgram, I have confidence that employees are in good hands and that they have a tool to support their mental health, strengthen their resilience to stress and develop their emotional competencies.

Only after the first 3 months of working together, we found out that it was a very good business decision! Mindgram provides extensive support related to mental health. We greatly appreciate the constant support and contact from our caregivers. We especially appreciate personalized materials tailored to our current needs.

All-in-one employee well-being platform



Other platforms or EAP*

Mental Health & Burnout Level Assesment

periodic survey and global reports on mental health state of the organization

Psychotherapy and coaching

online in various languages

Short waiting time

for an appointment (next-day booking)

Access to specialists

(psychologists, nutritionists,  lawyers, financial experts, etc.)

Prevention: well-being content

(development workshops, meditation, relaxation trainings)

Clinically-proven methods

and evidence-based approach

Mobile app & desktop version

available in different languages

HR Support

dedicated Customer Success manager

Safety & security

GDPR compliant

*based on publicly available data

Holistic 360° well-being platform

Covering 5 well-being areas


Want to find out the Return on Investment

of the well-being strategy implementation in your company?

Got questions?

We’ve got answers.

For each client our Customer Success Team is constantly monitoring the registration rate and engagement of the users on the platform. Clients can request monthly or quarterly reports. Each quarter a meeting is held with a Mindgram representative to discuss the current metrics and take necessary steps to boost engagement. During this meeting the Customer Success manager discusses Mindgram playbook with activities (some of them to be chosen by the Client). Every week users get information about the most interesting events on the platform and can switch on push notifications available on the mobile version.

Mindgram provides all platform users with the Well-being Vibe: a survey based on clinically proven methods.
This tool helps the users understand their wellbeing in 3 main areas:

  • General well-being (Emotional, Psychological & Social)
  • Workplace well-being (Burnout, Energy, Cognitive Ability,  Motivation)
  • Assessment of anxiety and Depression levels

The Well-being Vibe is a survey consisting of a series of questions related to mood, emotions, relationships, independence, workplace and other important aspects of our lives.

It provides information about which areas need more attention and how the overall well-being changes over time. Individual survey results and recommendations are presented to the participants within our app, while the employer will have access to the full (and anonymous!) report on overall well-being in the organization, enabling them to implement measures that will help set up their teams for success.

Our Customer Success Team is responsible for implementing the platform and employee onboarding. The whole process  can take up to 3 months and includes a few stages:

  • an onboarding meeting for HR representatives
  • employee invitations to Mindgram
  • an inaugural meeting for employees
  • sending resources improving communication of the platform implementation
  • regular notifications on activities and interesting facts about Mindgram (the promotion of special workshops, newsletter, and others)
  • reports on the platform use and employee engagement sent periodically

One of the primary and essential principles of Mindgram is full confidentiality and data safety. Mindgram will never disclose any personal data, log-in credentials or information regarding if and how the users are makings use of the platform to any employer. Employers will only receive quarterly collective reports on the total number of  users. Mindgram will not reveal the identities of those people or data on how they use the platform.

Anonymity during workshops. Employees can remain fully anonymous during workshops if they use nicknames and turn off their webcams and microphones.

Chat anonymity. All chat conversations are protected and anonymous (specialists only know the employee’s first name and company). Messages stored on Mindgram servers are fully encrypted with cyphers and secured with the users’ unique private keys.

It depends on the plan the company has chosen. In the basic subscription there’s a limited number of video sessions. Psychotherapy & coaching sessions can be purchased additionally at any time. A recommended number of sessions should account for 5% of all employees. For example, a company that employs 500 people should buy at least 25 sessions per month.

Only qualified psychologists provide psychological care via built-in chat. They are Mindgram specialists with master’s degrees in psychology, who have entered into the register of psychologists of Regional Chambers of Psychologists pursuant to the Act on the Profession of Psychologist and the Professional Self-government of Psychologists of 8 June 2001 (Journal of Laws of 2001, No. 73, item 763).

All Mindgram mental health professionals, including psychologists and therapists employ cognitive-behavioral and integrative approaches to psychotherapy to treat or manage mental health conditions and emotional concerns. It’s one of the best-studied and effective forms of psychotherapy.

There are other specialists available on the chat that are not required to have a degree in Psychology. These are business mentors, lawyers and financial advisors.

All specialists at Mindgram are under the constant supervision of experienced psychotherapists. They meet rigorous recruitment criteria and evaluation of experience and competencies. They are subject to a regular psychotherapeutic and substantive supervision, and a self-development program.

Do you have another question?

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Unlock the best version of your team

Mindgram provides well-being tools to employees in order to build resilient and socially responsible organizations.

Małgorzata Ohme

Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer in Mindgram, psychologist, journalist, television host


We focus on prevention

In Mindgram we believe that mental health and well-being of employees are the most important assets in modern companies.

Raúl García

Content Manager and L&D Partner at Mindgram

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